O-BeaR-O Films is a award winning production arm has built a reputation for creating visionary film, TV, commercial and digital content. Our roots are deep in cinema, yet our directors and production teams work across a multitude of other genres. Our perch on the bleeding edge of technology allows us to film with a wide variety of specialty camera systems as well as with today’s 4K and Ultra HD equipment. We can also tackle your postproduction needs with a full spectrum of services from editorial to color correction to visual effects to 4K conform; we’re able to work with you from concept to delivery. Our mission is to turn your wildest visions into eye-popping reality.


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O-BeaR-O Films stabilized camera systems and unmanned aerial solutions have helped pioneer what is possible in the world of aerial cinematography for film, commercial and television projects all throughout the planet. We provide aerial services from full sized helicopters with stabilized gimbals on down to the latest in unmanned systems.

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Our Time-lapse work is some of the most brilliant work. With our four axis gimbal systems we can achieve any shot in any condition. From day to night or night to day, O-BeaR-O Films makes any time in to a glimpse of the past.

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Syrp logoWe are committed to Syrp’s products to give us the flexibility we need to make any shot possible.  And we are very excited to share Syrp’s latest creation. With the new Syrp SlingShot we can do the unthinkable. The kind of shot time-lapse artist could only dream of.  Its as fluid as an aerial shot, but as time lapses you may wonder “ what magic is this?”

The Syrp Slingshot is designed to take motion control capture to the next level. Whereas motion control is normally limited to the length of your slider, the Slingshot allows you to achieve motion control for distances up to 328 ft. Moreover, it can be used high above the ground, so you can capture vast nature and city landscapes. You’ll just need the motion control device itself in addition—either the Syrp Genie, Genie Mini, or multiples of these.

Capture high production value shots in stadiums, parks, metropolitan areas, and pretty much anywhere else. Simply secure one mounting bar to a tree, light post, or something similar, and likewise fix the second bar a distance away. Install the included ropes between the two bars and then just place the Slingshot on top on its wheels. This could be done as low as near ground level or way up in the air. Everything, including the bars, sets up in just minutes, as all the components are designed to secure by a quick release ratchet mechanism. Even securing the bars to a tree or post requires no special effort.

Syrp brings the best of the design and film industry together to develop products that unleash the creativity of film makers. Syrp was formed with the goal of providing exceptional film equipment to independent film makers at prices they can afford.

Timelapase on Rails

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Visual Effects

The real world is our home for new ideas. Whether you’d like your world to be surreal and strange or if you aim to achieve the unachievable. As a philosophy, the principals at O-BeaR-O Films believe that Visual Effects offer an amazing ability to go beyond the limits of what practical production can accomplish. We strive to work with our clients to create a vision and story that could not otherwise be accomplished without the tools and talents O-BeaR-O Films offers.

O-BeaR-O Films has developed a proprietary, highly efficient pipeline. This process differentiates the company from others in the business and allows for better quality control, faster turn around of shots, allows the artists to focus on the creativity of visual effects. The company has assembled a highly experienced team of artists, supervisors, and producers with a broad range of experience in all aspects of Visual Effects. The quality of the staff also differentiates O-BeaR-O Films from its competitors.



O-BeaR-O Films has a broad cache of quality content captured from around the world. We have curated collections of aerials, high-speed cinematography and wild life content for use in any area of programming.